Beat the Heat with Summer Essentials

Summer temperatures in North Carolina can be erratic. Let's be honest--the rest of the year, the weather is just as unpredictable. Just yesterday morning the temperature was in the high 50s, but now we hear there's a heat wave headed our way! With temps reaching over 100 degrees on Sunday, what's a girl to do? 
Well, we here at Patricia live by the saying "Outside is Free," so you can be certain there will be no sitting in the air conditioning waiting out the heat wave. We are cyclists, yogis, and runners, and we will not be stopped by hundred degree weather. We'll simply get up early, get our workouts in, then fight the heat the best way we know how--in the shade with cold drinks in our hands. 
Similarly, hot weather is no excuse to stray from Patricia's signature style. We picked out our favorite light, summer pieces to ensure we stay cool this weekend. Here are a few of our favorites:


  • For lounging by the water, Emerson Fry is the way to go. We can't recommend enough this Bikini Top and Bottom, and if you love a good cover-up as much as we do, be sure to check out the Solar Tunic or Mesh Dress. Both are light, airy, and best of all, chic.
  • For running errands or cooking out with friends, check out the Star Caftan. Since it doesn't cling to your skin, you'll stay nice and cool throughout the day.

  • As far as accessories, Miguel Ases earrings add a colorful, summer touch to any outfit, and they're light as can be, which means you'll hardly feel them.

  • The finishing touch to any heat wave ensemble should be this Clare V. Kenya Woven BagAgain the name of the game here is light, and this fiber-woven bag sure is. Plus, there's plenty of room inside for a bkr bottle, sunscreen, and anything else you might need. 
After a week of cooler weather, the hotter temps can seem daunting, but not to worry. Take them by storm (pun most definitely intended) and make sure to get outside and enjoy the weekend!