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  • Window Wednesday

    so it's Wednesday and i know a lot of people are looking for something to be excited about since the weekend still seems like an eternity away. but I have to say, we always have something to be excited about here. especially on boring old Wednesday. because, in case you haven't heard, Wednesday is now 'Window Wednesday' at PATRICIA. fun, right? so this is how Wednesdays start out; coffee, a tool box and the cacophony of us girls throwing both good and not so good ideas of what we could hang, build and create in the four windows out front. sometimes our ideas are a little out there, but we try to showcase our latest merchandise and bring you a visual treat to break up the week. and if you can't come by today, don't forget to take a peak at night while everything is all lit up! happy humpday everyone and thanks for all your love and support! 

    liz and trish hard at work

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  • our latest, julie cohn

     So we kicked off the week here at PATRICIA with a new collection by designer Julie Cohn, and let me tell you...I'm totally digging it. Julie has an interesting and varied background in art and design (read more here) and has created everything from handmade books to dinnerware over the past 30 years in Dallas, Texas. She gets her inspiration from nature and has found a way to blend an ancient feel with modern sophistication in each piece. They are the kind of pieces you just have to pick up and try on when you see them, great for layering together or mixing with in what you've already got. I just sold one of my faves while writing this, so come see what I'm talking about before they're gone! 
    Me layering these beauties while writing this post


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