Maria La Rosa Socks Laminated Socks

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Disco Gold

Luxury Socks

Women's ribbed socks, made with the precious silk yarn, a classic Maria La Rosa, ideal for all seasons.
The material with which they are made, in fact, despite its thinness, is extraordinarily insulating, making it very cool in summer and warm in winter.
The model was subsequently covered with a metallic finish, which, after multiple washes, tends to disappear, letting the brilliance of the underlying silk emerge.
The sheen of the foil makes it the perfect accessory for parties and occasions where you don't want to go unnoticed given the sparkling elegance.
Made in Italy.  66% silk, 34% polyamide one size.

Available in red, orange, disco gold, lilac, navy and silver.

About the Designer:

Living and working in Milan, Italy Maria La Rosa creates beautifully woven luxury socks. She and her daughters continue to produce elegant thoughtful designs in a item most people don't give much thought to.

Art turns into fashion, tradition slips in contemporaneity and sustainability influences behavior. For over thirty years Maria La Rosa atelier conjugates these different universes, only apparently very far away, to create bags, socks and accessories. Unique and original. Handmade: combining a careful selection of raw materials with the slowness of centuries-old weaving techniques. 


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