Sabina Savage "The Pelicans and The Sea" Pareo

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The Pelicans and The Sea

The Panchatantra ( 200BCE - 300 CE )is an ancient Indian collection interrelated animal fables in Sanskrit verse and prose. These stories are arranged within a "frame story", meaning each individual tale contributes to a wider narrative. The Panchatantra is considered to have influenced later European books, such as Boccaccio and The Grimm Brothers.

The pelicans seek a safe place to lay their precious eggs, and carefully choose the seashore as their new nest and home. Angry at their audacity, the sea sends a large wave to wash the eggs away. The birds are aghast with worry and appeal pleasingly to Garuda, the Hindu bird king, to ensure their safe return. Garuda brokers a deal with Lord Vishnu, and the eggs are swiftly returned to the birds.

  • 70%Cotton 30%silk  
  • Coral/Salt
  • 103cmx138cm

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