Fall Emerson Fry is Arriving!

The long sweater and the Yoshi sweaters are two of our favorites. Emerson says "The is wool from Imperial Ranch in Oregon, a family ranch with exceptional practices and care for the animals and for the pristine natural land that they manage. This all makes a difference in the wool you can feel – and these are sweaters you can wear for life." This is why we love EF so much. Clothing made not for just a season, but for a lifetime. Paired with the Trooper boot, Ankle high Cross Boot or layered over pants, and you have a perfect look. 

The Long Sweater: Long length and oversized body to be worn over denim and leggings, or on its own. Soft Imperial Wool knitted into a lofty, comfortable texture.


The Yoshi Sweater: Somewhere between sweater and tunic. Boxy and meant to be worn oversized with room to layer long sleeves underneath. Texturally rich Imperial Wool with soft natural slubs, a characteristic of the traditional artisan yarn process.

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