Emerson Fry

Emerson Fry is a design collection focused on the individual.
From shoes to outerwear to sleek dresses, Fry cites the modern woman as her muse. Produced in small, exclusive batches, Emerson Fry's weekly offerings never fail to delight. Whether it's bright Ikat prints or minimalist, monochrome, & mod, we never know what Emerson will surprise us with next. 
Though she started her career designing and selling brightly-colored, fabric brooches in New York City, her subtle sense of rebellion soon landed her in major showrooms.
Her signature is quality construction and functionality with an eye toward easy enjoyment. As a small family-run business (rather like Patricia), it's not hard to see that quality is a core value of Emerson Fry's limited run designs. Our recommendation? If you find a piece you love by Emerson Fry, grab it. Once these pieces are out-of-stock, they're gone for good.