It’s around the corner and will be here soon. We are very excited to see the spring collections coming in. We have so many great designs coming. KALLMEYER is the first to arrive! Many beautiful dresses to choose from as well as gorgeous tops and pants. 

    We are also very excited about the new jewelry designs we have coming. Gorgeous, organic pieces from Julie Cohn, Rachel Atherly and Lena Skadegard to name a few. We strive to bring to you a sophisticated edit of handmade artisan designs and celebrate the idea of buying less, but buying well. As we receive items, we add them to the website, so be sure to check if you are looking for all things new.  Kim, Brittani and I are here to help in any way. As you know, our collections are small and go quickly, so it’s not to early to start thinking about your spring / summer closet edit, and any weddings or events you have coming up!

     “The soul that sees
    beauty may sometimes
    walk alone."
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  • // November News //


    We welcome November and all that comes with it.  Cooler weather, leaves changing colors and a whisper that the holiday season is near. It’s not just the sweater weather that we love. It’s the gathering of friends and family and the reflection that comes at the end of a year. We continue to be grateful for our customers and friends that have been so supportive over the years. We love that you come in just to say hello, sit and visit with us too. 

    We are continuing to stock the boutique with all things fall & winter. As always, we have a small collection of gifts - hostess gifts, teacher gifts etc. As we celebrate the idea of buying less but buying well, we are excited to introduce you to some new curated collections as well as some of your old favorites. As we receive items, we add them to the website, so be sure to check if you are looking for all things new. Also, if you are looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to let us know. Liz, Kim, Brittani and I are here to help in any way. As you know, our collections are small and go quickly, so it’s not to early to start thinking about holiday giving. As always, gift wrapping is complimentary!

    “3 things you can’t recover in life:
    the word after it’s said,
    the moment after it’s missed,
    and the time after it’s gone

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  • Holiday // Giveaway

    In the spirit of giving, this holiday season our gift to you...
    A Holiday Giveaway

    For every *purchase made from
    Thursday, November 25th - Monday, November 29th
    we will enter your name in a drawing for a $250 gift certificate.
    Our wish is that this holiday season is filled with hope, love and gratitude. We appreciate each and everyone of our customers. As always we encourage you to buy thoughtfully chosen, quality pieces.
    We strive to bring you a curated collection of clothing, jewelry and home decor.
    Our intention is that anything you purchase from our shop is something that you will cherish and is a lasting addition to your life.



    *purchases online or store.
    " Give without remembering
    and receive without forgetting."

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  • 6 Things I’m Loving Now

    We just passed the Spring equinox, and it has me reflecting on what is coming ahead - but still wanting to be in the here  and now. So, I wanted to share a few things that are making me happy in the current moment. I narrowed it down to 6, seems like a good number 😊

    1. My Brazeau Tricot sweaters. All of them. The tissue weight for those few days that have gotten into the 60’s and the regular cashmere for just about every other day. They have become my uniform. New spring cashmere pieces should be arriving any day now. I promise to keep you posted!

    2. Atomic Habits by James Clear. I stared reading this in December on a trip to the beach. I put it to the side during the rush of the holidays and forgot about it. Then, while on a trip to the north Georgia mountains, with no WiFi and no cell service I started reading it again. It has inspired me to take action to create a better me. I love this quote “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become” Now that’s some serious food for thought.

    3. I’m listening to a playlist that my dear friend Natalie made me called *Sweet Trish D* it makes me happy and want to turn up the volume. I’ve made it shareable here I hope you like it!

    4. Did you know in Argentina people eat gnocchi on the 29th of each month for good luck? I didn’t either! But don’t wait til then to try this yummy gnocchi by Cappello’s - its gluten free, dairy free and grain free! You can find it at my favorite local health food market Nature's Own. I’m loving it with everything - classic marinara, with EVOO and roasted veggies, it's perfect with just about anything!

    5. My new skillet. I know, you’re saying skillet? Yep, I sure am. This thing is awesome. Dr. Mark Hyman recommend it in one of his emails, and I LOVE it! It is non-stick, comes with a steamer insert and a wooden spoon with a built in spoon rest on the handle.

    6. It took me awhile to break away from my super rich The Balm by Sorella, but Michelle and Lyndsey at Donna Lane Day Spa talked me into trying this and I’m ready to switch! It the Game Changer moisturizer -Flawless AF. It’s not as thick ( read: hard to smooth on) but gives that same super luxurious feeling.

    That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy and maybe find a new favorite thing or two. Leave a comment below if there is something you are loving that I should try!



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  • The Power of Scent


    I can remember when I first met Almira Armstrong. I had just opened PATRICIA and was looking for a signature fragrance line for the store. I was immediately drawn to Almira and her beautiful, and beautifully scented line of candles. 

    Since then LUMIRA has anchored our collection of candles and perfumes. The fragrances are always clean and lend a luxurious feeling to lighting a candle. Her elegant, black glass vessels are not only beautiful, but can be recycled easily to hold anything from pencils to makeup brushes. A few years ago, she introduced perfume oils and just recently Parfum in two of her most popular scents. Cuban Tobacco &  Arabian Oud. Still, to this day, when I light a Cuban Tobacco candle, I am transported back to our small shop on Pennsylvania Avenue. It is one of my favorites and always brings back good memories.
    I have recently started meditating and lighting POJ's relax incense each morning. I love it so much, I reached out to the Japanese company located in Kyoto and
    they have agreed to let us stock their beautiful incense! 


    One of our newest finds: Incense from Japanese company POJ Studio. Coming soon to PATRICIA

    The Power of Scent:
    How scents can transform your interiors and your mood.

    Because the olfactory nerve is directly linked to the area of the brain that accesses memory recall, mood, and emotions – scent is then very closely tied to memory. Because of this, what smells good to you may not necessarily smell good to another person.

    Scent as part of Wellness:

    "Scent can be incorporated into so much of your daily wellness routine. Incense has been used for thousands of years in ceremonies and rituals, especially in meditation practices. The simple act of lighting incense can help ground during your morning meditation or Movement practices such as yoga."

    "There is nothing quite like the sheer amount of time we now spend indoors to make us think of how our spaces can affect our energy. The light through our window can lift our mood. A view can bring us a sense of calm or conversely energise us. We can find joy through the objects we fill our home with. And we all know the effects of mess and clutter on our mental capacity. But what about scent? As equally as objects can alter our mood so too can smells. The power of scent can transform our energy and transport us to another time and place."

    read more of Elle Presbury's article in RUSSH 

    Come see us and let us help you discover which scents transport you to a beautiful, calm place 🖤




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  • A Soulful Table

    Set a beautiful table...every night and enjoy the closing of each day.

    If there is one thing that we strive to create in our shop it’s that feeling of loving your surroundings, your life. We seek out things that give us pleasure with the hope of passing them on to our customers to enjoy as well. 

    Image: Athena Calderone

    “Creating a beautiful meal for those we love (ourselves included) and finessing an environment to share are at the core of what I do. Not only because I am a people-pleaser at heart, but also because of the emotion and connection surrounding that shared experience. It is never one or the other, food or design. For me, they are synonymous. Beauty elevates the ordinary–– I will always hold this statement to be gospel.” Athena Calderone

    It’s lighting a luxurious candle, the ritual of taking care of your skin, setting a beautiful table, opening that special bottle of wine on a Tuesday night, adorning yourself with that special piece of clothing or those one of a kind earrings...

    I’m going for the same basics every night: simple, yet unique platters and plates from HAAND, my favorite Juliska glasses and linen napkins. The real pleasure of setting a table lies not in the individual pieces, but in seeing how these diverse and unmatched elements come together for a truly dramatic presentation. Our simple recipes - often utilizing only two or three ingredients and simply roasted - take on an elegantly exaggerated importance. I find it’s effortless to pull off a dinner with a few friends (special thanks to my husband, Jarrett!), it’s much easier knowing I have all the necessary elements to make us and most importantly, our guests, feel like they’re sharing a very special moment together.  So what if it’s just a Tuesday night? 

    Our natural linen napkins bring us tactile pleasure at every meal, and with our carefully curated collection of Ripple platters, plates and bowls from HAAND, our table comes together effortlessly, the velvety, hand glazed settings capturing a mood that is relaxed but refined.

    Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Personal style surrounds you, and should extend to all those objects that intersect your busy

    Cut some blooming branches and bring them inside to enjoy. Take pleasure in all that you do, everyday. Live.



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