The Power of Scent


I can remember when I first met Almira Armstrong. I had just opened PATRICIA and was looking for a signature fragrance line for the store. I was immediately drawn to Almira and her beautiful, and beautifully scented line of candles. 

Since then LUMIRA has anchored our collection of candles and perfumes. The fragrances are always clean and lend a luxurious feeling to lighting a candle. Her elegant, black glass vessels are not only beautiful, but can be recycled easily to hold anything from pencils to makeup brushes. A few years ago, she introduced perfume oils and just recently Parfum in two of her most popular scents. Cuban Tobacco &  Arabian Oud. Still, to this day, when I light a Cuban Tobacco candle, I am transported back to our small shop on Pennsylvania Avenue. It is one of my favorites and always brings back good memories.
I have recently started meditating and lighting POJ's relax incense each morning. I love it so much, I reached out to the Japanese company located in Kyoto and
they have agreed to let us stock their beautiful incense! 


One of our newest finds: Incense from Japanese company POJ Studio. Coming soon to PATRICIA

The Power of Scent:
How scents can transform your interiors and your mood.

Because the olfactory nerve is directly linked to the area of the brain that accesses memory recall, mood, and emotions – scent is then very closely tied to memory. Because of this, what smells good to you may not necessarily smell good to another person.

Scent as part of Wellness:

"Scent can be incorporated into so much of your daily wellness routine. Incense has been used for thousands of years in ceremonies and rituals, especially in meditation practices. The simple act of lighting incense can help ground during your morning meditation or Movement practices such as yoga."

"There is nothing quite like the sheer amount of time we now spend indoors to make us think of how our spaces can affect our energy. The light through our window can lift our mood. A view can bring us a sense of calm or conversely energise us. We can find joy through the objects we fill our home with. And we all know the effects of mess and clutter on our mental capacity. But what about scent? As equally as objects can alter our mood so too can smells. The power of scent can transform our energy and transport us to another time and place."

read more of Elle Presbury's article in RUSSH 

Come see us and let us help you discover which scents transport you to a beautiful, calm place 🖤





Patricia Deerwester

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