A Soulful Table

Set a beautiful table...every night and enjoy the closing of each day.

If there is one thing that we strive to create in our shop it’s that feeling of loving your surroundings, your life. We seek out things that give us pleasure with the hope of passing them on to our customers to enjoy as well. 

Image: Athena Calderone

“Creating a beautiful meal for those we love (ourselves included) and finessing an environment to share are at the core of what I do. Not only because I am a people-pleaser at heart, but also because of the emotion and connection surrounding that shared experience. It is never one or the other, food or design. For me, they are synonymous. Beauty elevates the ordinary–– I will always hold this statement to be gospel.” Athena Calderone

It’s lighting a luxurious candle, the ritual of taking care of your skin, setting a beautiful table, opening that special bottle of wine on a Tuesday night, adorning yourself with that special piece of clothing or those one of a kind earrings...

I’m going for the same basics every night: simple, yet unique platters and plates from HAAND, my favorite Juliska glasses and linen napkins. The real pleasure of setting a table lies not in the individual pieces, but in seeing how these diverse and unmatched elements come together for a truly dramatic presentation. Our simple recipes - often utilizing only two or three ingredients and simply roasted - take on an elegantly exaggerated importance. I find it’s effortless to pull off a dinner with a few friends (special thanks to my husband, Jarrett!), it’s much easier knowing I have all the necessary elements to make us and most importantly, our guests, feel like they’re sharing a very special moment together.  So what if it’s just a Tuesday night? 

Our natural linen napkins bring us tactile pleasure at every meal, and with our carefully curated collection of Ripple platters, plates and bowls from HAAND, our table comes together effortlessly, the velvety, hand glazed settings capturing a mood that is relaxed but refined.

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Personal style surrounds you, and should extend to all those objects that intersect your busy

Cut some blooming branches and bring them inside to enjoy. Take pleasure in all that you do, everyday. Live.




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