Good Vibes Only


We’ve pulled together some of our favorite things right now - from music to beautiful & fun accounts we follow on Instagram. 

SEE: We get it...sometimes you just want to scroll and go down that rabbit hole on Instagram, and sometimes it leads you to a beautiful place. Tika’s Paris fashion week debut give us all the happy feels. And if you are in awe of Mother Nature, BBC Earth will make you stop and take in all the beauty she has to offer.

LISTEN: A day doesn't go by when we aren't asked about our playlist here at PATRICIA.
Our favorite is from Apple Music. The Singer Songwriter station is our kind of vibe - calm, easy listening. A new favorite comes to us from one of our favorite designers Szeki (7115 by Szeki)
Her Vol. 4 Unwind on Spotify does just that...makes you want to slow-it-down and unwind at the end of the day. On the flip side, I start every morning with Spotify’s Peaceful Piano.

EAT: Yes, we love good food! But it has to be good for you too. Our favorite chefs - Ronnie from Primal Gourmet, Alex from The Defined Dish and Ashley from All the Healthy Things will get you cooking up delicious good-for-you dishes. And, if you need some help local personal Chef Jessica Sheppard at The Running Fork will cook it all up for you!

SMELL:  LUMIRA’s  WILDERNESS a collaboration with Australia’s Blue Mountains botanical garden. Wilderness is inspired by a blend of berry, patchouli, pine that settles with a smokey cedarwood, fir and gurjum balsam. It’s deep blue vessel is as beautiful as it is calming.


DO: Meditate. The Headspace app has a multitude of ways to help you be less stressed, more resilient, happier. It only takes a few minutes each day. 


We hope these inspire you to sit back, relax and take in all the good vibes 💙





Patricia Deerwester

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