My Top Style Loves for 2017

PATRICIA Top Style Loves for 2017 | Lumira | Vince | Rise & Ramble

A few of my favorite clothing items from PATRICIA as we head into 2017.

Honestly, everything I have in my store I love. I wouldn't have bought it to share with my customers if I didn't truly think it was awesome! But, having said that, lately I love a few things just a little more!

1. Everything from Rise & Ramble.

Rise and Ramble Splatter dress for women | Patricia | Southern Pines, NC boutique shopping

Andrea Schmidt, the talented designer behind the Rise & Ramble label has captured our attention as well as our hearts.

Andrea puts her heart and soul behind each and every piece she makes. The moment I saw her pieces I was smitten. Andrea hand delivered our first order of velvet dresses right before Thanksgiving, and by the weekend, we were sold out!

Since then, I've received a few more of her designs and expect them to fly out of the shop too...

So hurry up and get yours!

2. LUMIRA Candles and Perfume.

Lumira perfume and candles in varying scents as sold by PATRICIA in Southern Pines NCThese are truly not your average candles!

The scents are soft, familiar. and at times, hauntingly seductive.

Infused with exquisite fine fragrance oils reminiscent of places both near and far, Lumira's luxury lifestyle essentials are a celebration of beautiful scent, sophisticated design and the spirit of travel. 

What really has us excited are Almira's, the founder of LUMIRA, new fragrance oils. The Cuban Tobacco is my favorite. I wear it everyday.



Really anything VinVince Womens Jacket at Patricia in downtown southern pines NCce. The designs truly embody the spirit of minimal, classic and modern design.

I'm dreaming of this cardigan coat for myself.








I'm going to stop at three for now ... but truly, visit the website and you will see everything I love.




Trish Deerwester

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