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Your Most Authentic Dress Code Ever

I founded PATRICIA on the belief that clothes shouldn't overtake you. Your personal style, your movement through a day, your shape and your personality should never, ever be dominated by the cut or color of clothing.


Above: Classic Levi 501 distressed jeans with Brazeau Tricot white silk tunic.

Yes, we have some big personalities shopping with us, and we have a terrific time dressing these women. They're outgoing, full of stories and laughter, but in no case would we try to match that big personality with a "big" outfit.  


Above: Brazeau Tricot cardigan and yoga pant.

Whether you face the world with a grand gesture, or prefer a quieter approach, the collections here at PATRICIA are assembled with a single, underlying belief: that you should be remembered; not the garment.

Above: Emerson Fry sequin kimono jacket.

Our recent fall photo shoot with muse and local yoga instructor Brady Gallagher makes our point. Brady's photographs capture her quiet strength. Sometimes with the slight upward curl of her lip, you feel included in the joke to come. In other shots, Brady's thoughtful gaze speaks to her warmth and centered-ness. 


Above: Brazeau Tricot silk tulle t-shirt, cable curator sweater

and silk palazzo pant.

To me, Brady speaks to the genesis of PATRICIA. I continue to search out designers who tailor clothing that enhances the woman beneath, adds to her authenticity and punctuates her unique style.


"Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway."
- Mother Theresa



Interview With Brady Gallagher

Above: Brazeau Tricot silk tulle t-shirt in charcoal with silk palazzo pant.

We sat down after our fall photo shoot with Southern Pines local, Brady Gallagher. Brady is a yoga instructor at Hot Asana on Broad Street and brought her inner fabulousness to every piece we put her in! We had so much fun. Here's more about Brady...

1. Tell us which is your favorite tattoo and why? Which tattoo tells us the most about you?

I get this question often! My tattoos are all special and important. They are all someone’s handwriting. I've asked the people most influential in my life to write me a line, to take with me always.

If I had to pick one tattoo to be my favorite, it would be my compass, in honor of my brother Kevin, who passed away in 2015. The whole family has it and it’s honestly just so beautiful.

Valhalla has done all my work; love those guys.
2. You structure your life around the practice of yoga. Tell us how that supports your spirit.
Love this question. Yoga is so much more than the asana (movement) aspect of it. It is a way of life; a belief system if you will. Asana is only one of the eight limbs of yoga.
I love the physical practice because it gets me out of my head and into my body. I think we spend a lot of time in our heads and forget that the body can also give us information about our needs and help us process what we are experiencing.
I believe in breathing through the discomfort and not always trying to be a step ahead. Yoga helps us practice present-moment awareness as well as learning to be still and accept reality on realities terms. 
4. What’s your spirit animal?
Haha! If I have to choose an actual animal it would a snow leopard. But if I could choose humans, it'd be Beyonce mixed with Michael Jackson and Prince.
5. How would you describe your personal style. Who are your style roll models and how do you choose the pieces in your wardrobe?
I dress based on my mood. Always.
I love the creativity of fashion and love choosing my style based on how I am feeling in that moment. My mother always called me a chameleon growing up. So I would say that my personal style has many layers and dimensions.
I love statement pieces, but I also love simple pieces. I have a large range of style types in my closet, from Carrie Bradshaw to Jennifer Lopez to Diane Keaton.
The biggest fashion influence in my life to date would, without a doubt, be my dear friend Harley, she is pure genius… classy yet edgy, simple but cunning. 
6. Favorite place for a date night in town?
I could never pick just one, we are so lucky in this town… so many divine options. Some favorites are…   
  • Ashton’s: I am very into atmosphere. Mood lighting is everything.
  • The Wine Cellar:  the energy there can suit any occasion or mood.
  • Southern Pines Growler: for our more causal outings, it's the perfect group setting.
  • The Sunrise Theatre: I love to time travel, so when I walk in the Sunrise I can feel the history... and the balcony is the only place I sit.
7. What role do women play in your life - as mentors, support, etc. Are they important influences in your day to day?
I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a woman. So I would say women play a huge role in my life. I am a woman, I love being a woman. I am so honored to have the goddess of a mother that I have. She is a badass and the strongest and smartest woman I know. She is my biggest mentor and supporter. She has been and always will be my greatest influence. 
8. What are you cooking these days?
Ha! I don’t cook!  I’m decent but I don’t enjoy it. Instead, I’m the cleaner, the organizer and get s!*t done person, just not when it comes to cooking. My boyfriend - aka my chef - does ALL the cooking and he is damn good at it! Love that man. 
To the true individual: joyful, beautiful, inspirational.


Patricia Deerwester

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