Minimalist Jewelry 2018

When you want to be simple yet simply stunning, it's impossible to go astray with minimalist jewelry.

Though I love the bright dash of color a statement piece brings to an outfit, there's something timeless about the elegant lines of my favorite minimalist jewelry pieces. This season is no exception. 2018 is off to an amazing start and Patricia's jewelry case is overflowing with one-of-a-kind pieces sourced from all over the world. 

So whether you're dashing out the door for a quick set of errands or dressing up for an evening out, these accessories will be your go-to's again and again. 

Or ... stop by the store and try on a few. You'll see what I mean.

With no further ado, here are my top picks for 2018!

1. The Talisman Collar by Julie Cohn

2018 Minimalist Jewelry Style Guide: Talisman Collar by Julie Cohn

There's a magical feeling when you put on a piece like this one. Maybe it's because the designer, Julie Cohn, actually uses old world casting techniques to create modern day works of art (because that's what they are after all ... works of art), but when you wear the Talisman Collar, there is something other-worldly to it. Made from bronze and sterling, it's not a stretch to believe you could conjure forth unknown powers like the name would have you believe.

Each design is carved from wax (can you even imagine?) and then cast in metal. Each piece is then polished by hand. Now that's dedication to your art. 



2. The Horn Squash Blossom Pendant with Diamond Pave by Geraldina

2018 Minimalist Jewelry Style Guide Horn Pendant

Each piece from Geraldina, founder and leader of Geraldina Jewelry, is both one-of-a-kind and extraordinary. Her background in the fashion industry is readily apparent. Every piece from her collection is exquisite. Geraldina also globetrots, bringing back antique coins and medals, distressed leather, religious icons, semi precious stones and more for her line.

The Horn Squash Blossom Pendant is no exception. No, it's not named after the squash blossom you might sometimes eat. Instead, the name represents the sickle shape - a sacred representation of fertility dating back to the Paleolithic period. It was also thought to ward off the "evil eye." (For more on the history of the squash blossom and it's symbolism, try this article.) Suffice it to say, the version made from dark horn and capped with diamond pave is pretty spectacular.

Dark horn is one of my favorites. Maybe it's the rich, mahogany color or the way it catches the light, but I think it brings an understated elegance to simple neutrals every time.

This pendant is definitely a collector's item. It's one that you'll return to over and over for years (perhaps even decades) to come. 



3. Asymmetrical Black and White Shell Earrings by Heather Benjamin

I adore these asymmetrical earrings from designer Heather Benjamin. I know, I know, wearing my earrings at different lengths doesn't make me into a first class rebel but I feel like one. And at the end of the day, isn't that what matters? We accessorize to create an aura of who we want to be. And if I want to be edgy and rebellious by wearing my earrings a little differently from everyone else walking down the street then you better believe I'm going to do it - or at least I am when they're as gorgeous as this pair. 

Made from white with just a hint of black, these earrings are actually sterling silver with 22kt vermeil. And the dangles at the bottom (the toothy looking parts that push the edgy factor over the ... well ... edge) are crafted from abalone horn for sheen.

And for the ethically conscious, rest easy knowing Heather Benjamin partners with global organizations committed to social responsibility and sustainable development. So you're not just indulging your fashionista side. You're giving back too.



4. Dark Horn and Bronze Oval Cuff by 


Horn Cuff by CATHs

There's just something about CATHs designs. They're big. They take up space. They say, "I'm here." Maybe it's because as women, we spend so much time with delicate things that we're conditioned to shy away from big, bold, heavy accent pieces, but I adore these. There's a power in claiming that you too take up space that's yours by right.

Made from dark horn and brass, I dare you to wear this piece and not feel empowered. It's the jewelry of warrior women, of queens, and goddesses. For ages, horn was used to symbolize power. It's also imbued with good energy.

CATHs designs are designed in Belgium and handcrafted in India. The horn is sourced from domestic water buffalo.





5. The Ulinzi Necklace by Ashley Pittman

Ulinzi necklace by Ashley Pittman


No jewelry collection would be complete without a recommendation for one of my favorite jewelry designers - Ashley Pittman.

Made from five strands of dark horn with bronze beads, this necklace is a showstopper. Okay, so it might actually be more of a statement piece but I love it too much to leave it off. And since it plays well with every neutral in your closet, it makes the list for 2018's minimalist must-haves.


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