Our Favorite Hostess Gifts For This Holiday Season

The Little Things We'd Love To Bring To Your Home

The holidays are revving up, so we're curating the perfect selection of small tokens that take the guesswork out of your giving.

While we might not be filling the calendar with big events, we're still taking pleasure in thoughtful, unique, feel-good gifts. Equal parts chic and personalized, these are the ways we're saying "thank-you" this season. 

1. Something With Personality

The PATRICIA logo t-shirt is the perfect nonchalant statement piece. That's our store mascot, Stan, by the way. Stan is our symbol of quiet strength, a good dose of humor, and the beauty we find in authenticity.  Available in black or white.

2. Something For The Home

Our white sage smudge sticks are from the coastal mountains of California. While we love them mounded in a brass bowl from Kenya by Rose & Fitzgerald, they can also be burned to honor the ancient tradition of Native Americans for cleansing and purifying. 

3. Something Indulgent

West Third Brand's fragrances are formulated with clean, safe and eco-conscious ingredients. There are no parabens, phlatates, or sulfates. Plus they are vegan and cruelty free. Indulge your host or hostess in the unique, herb and floral infused body lotion. A PATRICIA favorite.

4. Something Scented

Lumira's Mini Destination Candles Gift Box includes our most popular scents: Cuban Tobacco, Persian Rose and Tuscan Fig. Give your hostess the surprise of discovering the elegance of Lumira fragrances.

5. Something For The Table

We tend to gravitate toward accessories that speak to the human touch. Jennifer Huskey is a self-taught ceramic artist and designer living and creating in Savannah, GA. She refers to the landscape in tone and texture, using a variety of white and dark stoneware clays, as well as porcelain, to create natural, organic-inspired functional pottery and jewelry. Jennifer's porcelain napkin rings in ivory pair beautifully with our linens from LinenCasa. 

 "The heart that gives, gathers."  - Tao Te Ching




Patricia Deerwester

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