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1. VINCE elbow T 2. VINCE Damon Leather Lace Up Sandal 3. 7115 by SZEKI Reversible Maxi Dress 4. VINCE Oren Leather Flat 5. NATALIE BUSBY Silk & Jersey Cowl Dress 6. CLARE V Flat Clutch Mariner Stripe 7. HARSHMAN Violetta Shirt in Pearl 8. EVOCATEUR Raj Equestrian Cuff 9. MIGUEL ASES Miyuki Bead Earrings 10. NATALIE BUSBY Tencel Trousers in White 11.JULIE COHN Eclipse Hide Bangle in Black

It’s one thing to want a uniform to make your life easier — it’s another to actually find one that works for you.  Our mission at PATRICIA is to bring you the best collections from designers who have demonstrated a talent for simplified elegance. As you ponder your summer wardrobe, here’s some advice from fashion’s most iconic style leaders:

1. Don’t be a trend-monger. “I remember when low-rise jeans were coming in — I remember my mom being really confused about what to do, and I was like, ‘You don’t have to do that.’ I think people look best when they feel comfortable, so worrying about a trend is a dangerous thing for most women. There are things I should just not do.” —Jenna Lyons 

2. Be more mindful of how you shop. “If you know you like something, try to figure out why. Are you happiest wearing pants? Are you happiest wearing dresses? We shop as a social thing; people forget the reason you shop is to wear the clothes, and it is not quite as intentional as it should be some of the time. I think I am more specific when I am shopping because of the uniform.” —Kate Young, stylist for Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Emilia Clarke, and Natalie Portman

3. Don’t be afraid to look for a little inspiration. “For my clients what I do is I usually find somebody, an iconic look that kind of looks like them. Figure out which old iconic looks would work on you as well, who has a similar body type and a similar look to you who looks amazing, and look up old photos of them.” —Ilaria Urbinati

4. Find your signature item. “I have been wearing white shirts all my life, when I was riding, when I was playing tennis; I find them very snappy, and they are very seductive. You can dress them up or down.” —Carolina Herrera

5. Keep fewer things in your closet. “I don’t want to have to sift through 20 things I know I’m not going to wear to get to the three or four cute things. If you get rid of everything that you don’t wear and narrow down your look, getting ready is super-easy. You are more likely to go out and buy more of that look and get better versions of it.” —Ilaria Urbinati


And if you need help choosing just the right pieces...we are here to help!

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