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  • Your Quiet Style Statement: VINCE

    “It’s kind of a noisy moment that we’re in.  Whenever there’s a lot of loudness on one side of the industry, there’s a space that opens up on the opposite side.” 

    Caroline Belhumer, SVP, creative director, VINCE

    That’s truer than ever. The intersection of streetwear and high fashion has created an ecosystem in which the most over-the-top designs demand attention. What Belhumer and her team at Vince want to do is change the way we approach things.

    “Vince is not really a company that’s about trend or loudness; it’s really about the quality of the product,” says Caroline Belhumer, Vince creative director.

    Season after season, we see chic silk slip dresses and midi skirts in dreamy colors, cashmere sweaters with the perfect oversized cuts, languid trousers with Issey Miyake-esque pleats, plenty of the toe-emphasizing sandals (all the cool girls wear these days), and an overarching theme of minimalism meets preppy. 
    Vince is always classically cool. And quiet. 
    "How do you make people understand what you're trying to say and make it more engaging, not just another clothing brand? You have to be able to have some kind of vision of the storytelling, the uniqueness of the brand," Belhumer explains. "I looked at Vince and I was like, well, it's created in L.A. It's a luxurious California brand. And when I looked at the other contemporary brands in our landscape, nobody else had that story to tell. They were very urban-centric, very New York-centric. But the roots of this brand being in California actually really kind of reflect the way of dressing and the way the clothes looked. It was a natural fit, but it wasn't really being talked about." (

    Quiet luxury is a concept that has been simmering away for a few years. Low-key and understated, it is the kind of luxury that is whispered by those in the know, by those who understand that indulgence doesn't necessarily lie in a high price tag and a flashy logo. (

    Above: A-Line Overshirt

    "While jazzy, razzle-dazzle designs may steal the show, there is respite, too, as some of the quietest, most considered designs are also the most covetable. Even the most ardent of sun-lovers understands the cool bliss of a shaded room on a scorching day, and sartorially speaking, that sense of blessed relief comes from minimal and modern clothing. 

    Above: Oyun Studio Special Order Trunk Show August 4

    Stylish and timeless...describe the aesthetic. "Integrity” is another word that comes to mind. It’s unsurprising that this way of dressing has infiltrated the modern woman’s wardrobe. Prioritizing comfort and ease without sacrificing style exudes a sense of confidence, control and calm authority that can’t be achieved when trussed up in a skirt suit." (

    "Minimalism in fashion is much more than a use of single color or a trend of simplicity. It is aesthetic that is thightly connected to broader spectrum of social development and continuosly reinvented and adapted to fit different eras. "(

     I couldn't have said it better myself!

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  • The Longest Day.

    Today is the longest day of the year. The first day of summer and the countdown to when we can wear sweaters again. We just got in these fabulous bikinis -- the reason I've been doing MM3D Bikini bootcamp! I think this bikini paired with the sarong and flip flops are all a girl needs for a weekend get away. Of course to kick it up a notch pair it with this, this and these! Done. All you need.

    Now let's talk about those sweaters....I know it's almost 100 outside, but OMG, English Weather make the most luxurious cashmere sweaters ever. I've been keeping the AC turned down some days just so I can slip this one on! Believe it or not, we've sold out of all but two. But don't fear, we have already reordered. The supply is limited, so if you want one, let me know and I will reserve the yarn ASAP. Delivery is looking like September - October for these gorgeous pieces.



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  • Baby its HOT outside!

    Well, the temperatures are nearing the triple digits.  So we have chosen to go with minimal everything...a cool airy caftan from our favorite, Emeron Fry. You don't need much more, maybe a wrap bracelet from Chan Luu, a pair of sunglasses and a tiny cowhide bag to carry the essentials.

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