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    Donna Lane Day Spa & Sorella Apothecary

    Michelle Yow, founder of Donna Lane Day Spa, is the skin care voice we trust. When she discovered Sorella Apothecary a few years ago, we were on board. Since then, it's our problem solving, skin-enhancing, glow-inducing go-to. 

    Michelle aligns with Sorella's philosophy in many ways. Sorella is a professional skin care line that balances the best of both science and nature. They combine natural, old-world philosophies with a dose of modern day science to create products that bring balance back to the skin. We think you'll value the personalized care Michelle and her team offer each devoted client, and with Sorella, you'll begin to see a big difference in your skin. 


    Above, Trish's personal line-up of Sorella products from Donna Lane.

    Summer Skin Do's and Dont's from Sorella:

    Life/Art Balance: Jewelry Designer Heather Benjamin

    Heather Benjamin jewelry designs are inspired by rituals, symbols and stories. 
    At the heart of Heather's creations is a sense that engagement with the natural world connects us to beauty at its purest level. And that this connection fosters the kind of understanding and compassion so deeply needed for our planet and all its beings to survive and thrive.
    Brought together with recycled silver and gold, jaspers, chalcedonys and agates are the stones that tell her stories. 

    "My pulse still quickens as I discover new ingredients. I revel in the distinct and diverse orbital patterns of Jasper from coastal Madagascar. My heart is pulled on a journey through the meandering topographic-patterned, sliced-banded agates formed out of Volcanic rock, pressure and time. It’s the unpredictable and powerfully soulful process of storytelling. I fall in love again and again.

    My mission with my company, and with all of my creative work/life, is in this way so much more than adornment; it’s a way to connect: to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us."

    THE GET:  

    LINE Cashmere Blend T's

    Reason to obsess. Right now. It's our newest collection at PATRICIA and it's perfectly suited to rectangular-shaped meetings (Zoom, ya'll), relaxed home vibes or a bit dressier with this season's stacks of leather strung pearls, gold charms and chains. It just works. And it works hard. T-shirts and light knits are individually dyed for a unique richness of color.


    EAT:  The Best Of Local Right Now

    Eggplant Hummus Wraps With Smoky Tomato Confit, from (pictured above)

    Eggplants, cherry tomatoes and a bumper crop of peaches arrived on our doorstep this week and we went roasting mad! We experimented with some new recipes to share with you now. The organic feel of our HAAND serving pieces underscored the rich colors of the food and kept the farm-to-table mood intact. Add our linen napkins from LinenCasa and the table is set! Please pass the Rose...

    Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Peaches, (above) NOTE: we salted and peppered our peaches after sprinkling with olive oil and before wrapping in prosciutto - seemed to really boost the flavor.

    Beautifully simple, as always!


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