Time To Think Long Term, Be Bold, And Just Go For It



Need some bulletproof guidance and inspiration after a turbulent year? Here are the ideas and opportunities that should urge you forward with hope and excitement - or at least enough interest to compete with the news out of Washington.  Join me in imagining the best of what 2021 has to offer.


Accept, embrace and run with new norms

Kyne Santos is a Filipino-Canadian drag queen and math influencer on TikTok and YouTube. In her videos, Kyne sparks interest for mathematics by telling riddles, giving lessons on the history of math and teaching her 790,000 TikTok followers how to spot misleading statistics in media. All while dressed in high-glamour drag.

Those who do not embrace the ‘new’ in everything can sashay away in 2021, as new norms — in gender, media, education and more — will dictate how brands communicate with their audiences, and what those audiences expect from brands.


Join the plant-based revolution

Food tech company Eat Just — creator of popular vegan egg alternative Just Egg — opened a pop-up culinary innovation hub in Shanghai, dedicated to plant-based foods. In their Future Food Studio visitors could sign up for cooking classes taught by top chefs who used Eat Just’s latest edible innovations. The faux-egg maker is also building a USD 120 million plant-protein facility in Singapore.

Food, fashion, beauty products, tablewareand packaging. The plant-based revolution is hitting industries everywhere. 2021 means last chance to jump on the train to a Plant-ed future.


Expand expertise by hiring older talent

Creative agency Thinkerbell launched Thrive@55: an eight-week paid internship exclusively available to applicants over 55. The program is a response to people’s productivity runway lengthening as societies age. The agency found that only 5% of staff in the creative industry is over 50, which means there’s a profusion of underutilized experience and knowledge to tap into.

As longevity increases, people can, want and need to be productive for longer. It’s now on everyone to abandon ageism and welcome a growing group of talent with a lifetime of experience.

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 "Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person."  - Oscar de la Renta




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