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  • Thursday Thoughts.

    Mulloy who has been my go to girl, helping me with EVERYTHING since I opened is flying away. Away to Switzerland. Yes, I am so blue. But I am also excited for her travels and studies abroad. So my thoughts today are of a few classics that travel well. Black jeans and a basic black T are always perfect. And, for a night on the town? A great strappy heel. The necklace...well, that just icing on the cake! 

    Bonne chance and safe travels Mulloy!



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  • Baby its HOT outside!

    Well, the temperatures are nearing the triple digits.  So we have chosen to go with minimal everything...a cool airy caftan from our favorite, Emeron Fry. You don't need much more, maybe a wrap bracelet from Chan Luu, a pair of sunglasses and a tiny cowhide bag to carry the essentials.

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