Touch. Taste. Hear. Smell. See.


When it comes to stimulating our senses and our mood, fashion experts know what it takes to create a unique experience that will grow from your perceptions and be shaped by your senses.




Your personality, your body and the balance between shape, self-esteem, taste and feelings will dictate the path that your senses take in the discovery of a garment, an accessory, a fragrance or a simple bit of jewelry. Your very personal aesthetic appreciation of physical forms - shapes, colors, textures, patterns and presentation - determine the choices you make, what you like and what you feel comfortable with.


Above: See, Touch - Julie Cohn's handcrafted jewelry is a tactile pleasure and confirms your connection to nature's simple beauty.


Fashion goes beyond the color, the cut, the refining touches and details. Fashion appeals to our multiple senses through a combination of touch, taste, sight and even smell. Many luxury brands are developed to resonate a specific marketing message that furthers the brand's sales strategy. These brands develop perfume, clothing, accessories and even furniture lines to expand the ongoing brand story. At PATRICIA, we create a theme of simplicity and luxury across several brands, each one telling a unique story but contributing the whole.


Above: Scent, Touch, Taste:  Lumira luxury candles and HAAND serving plates set the tone for a quiet dinner at home.


Fashion may go even further looking across cultures, with each of your senses having a decisive role in choosing a garment based on the knowledge and experience you have of the world: the colours, the scents, the tastes, the innovation and the exposure to different customs. Our senses are always ‘on’ and often subconsciously are controlling the fashion choices we make on a daily basis. (


Above: Touch, See - White linen shirts from CP Shades are an enduring personal luxury.

“Sensation is fundamental to our experience of the world. Shaped by culture, gender, and class, the senses mediate between mind and the body, idea and object, self and environment.” (The Senses and Society Journal).

Above: See, Touch, Taste - Rose & Fitzgerald hand-turned Ankole horn whisky cups help support Kenyan craftsmen and add unique texture to your bar and table.

"...Sensations – visual, audio, taste, smell or touch – are what allow us to appreciate life to the fullest." (
Above: See, Touch - Vince cashmere cardigan is a cocoon of soft comfort for every day.


Personalized fall looks the ignite your senses.


First row, top to bottom: Emerson Fry's new quilted jacket in ivory + Lumira's new perfume in Cuban Tobacco + BKR spiked water bottle. Second row, top to bottom: Szeki's curly jacket in ivoryNancy Brittelle's Copper Moon XII, 40" x 30" acrylic on cardboard and pressed paper + Ashley Pittman's Almasi bangle set. Third row, from top to bottom: CP Shades linen blouse + Heather Benjamin blush-sage ocean jasper belt buckle with strap + Miguel Ases blue jade, Swarovski crystal and miyuki bead earrings.


The way we see, hear, taste, touch and smell may never be the same again.

Courtesy of COVID-19, we are undergoing a sensory revolution. All of the senses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic — not because the senses themselves have changed, but because the context and environment in which we sense has been profoundly altered.

Sensory historians, who study the ways in which people in the past used their senses to understand and navigate their worlds, find that sensory shifts and perceptions tended to happen very slowly, measured in decades and centuries, not in mere weeks and months.

The shift that is happening now is unprecedented. (source: Read the full story here.

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Here's to your life lived fully.




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