How Slow Fashion, High Quality and Sticking With What You've Got Can Change Our World


Slow fashion is a movement we can get fully behind. It means buying from environmentally friendly designers who present limited collections made from high quality materials, with expert stitching and tailoring. 


Above: newly arrived, the Elemente Clemente Kochi V-Neck Pull Over Shirt. Sustainability in every step of Elemente Clemente's supply chain distinguishes this company, with recycled materials, dedicated growers and weavers, and small-run collections.


Thinking about what you buy, knowing which philosophies you are supporting through your purchases, and also asking yourself if you are really going to wear that new piece to the extent that it was worth being made.


Above: Shosh's Shaped Jacket.  Many of Shosh's fabrics are up-cylced or recycled. Fabrics are made from the yarn of re-fabricated plastic bottles, organic cotton, tencel and bamboo, or the most sustainable fabric of all, wool. "Our values dictate that we join the community of the concerned to reduce waste by employing existing surplus luxury fabric," says Shosh founder Carol Pratt.


"Good On You: Sustainable fashion means protecting the future of our planet and its people when we design, create and wear our clothes. This includes carefully managing resource use to reduce waste and climate impacts, protecting the welfare of animals, and ensuring the safety and fair treatment of workers all the way down the supply chain." (


Above: Kristensen DuNord's Relaxed Pant. A passion for sumptuous, sustainable fabrics drives the design aesthetic behind Kristensen Du Nord. Every Kristensen Du Nord piece is exclusively manufactured by skilled Italian craftsmen in limited quantities.



Above: 1. Clare V Foldover Clutch hand crafted in Los Angeles of up-cycled printed calf hair. Squar'd Away El Diablito Scarf. Twenty percent of proceeds from each scarf sale benefits the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. PATRICIA also donates 20% of sales to Rock Steady Boxing, which gives people with Parkinson’s disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing based fitness curriculum. 2. BKR reusable glass water bottles eliminate the use of plastic water bottles. 8.6.4 Design's nylon totes are grocery and beach ready and made in NYC in limited quantities. 3. Burel wool blankets and accessories, including the Origami Bag (above) are crafted in Portugal with wool from the family's own sheep, carefully woven or felted by hand.


Quality is key here, take the time to really think about if the pieces suit your style and if you can see yourself wearing them for a long time. It's best to start with basics. At PATRICIA, "basics" are arriving in a range of styles, from perfectly tailored quilted jackets from Emerson Fry, to cashmere dusters from Brazeau Tricot.


"Searches for “vegan leather” have increased by 69% year-on-year... searches for “organic cotton” have risen by 23%. Demand for Adidas recycled plastic sneakers has been particularly high, resulting in a 305% increase in page views for the brand’s shoes."(


Above: The new Cable Car Coat from Brazeau Tricot. This innovative company refines the art of European cashmere and flowing west coast style, while supporting The Rhino Project with every sale.


We're thinking beyond fashion. Stop by to explore the journey with us.



P.S. When something breaks or needs an adjustment, have an expert seamstress on call to make changes. In addition to raising or lowering hemlines, a gifted seamstress can remake classic cuts, change buttons, or taper slacks.  Need suggestions? Email me ( or call.



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