Ariana Boussard-Reifel Fede Plate Earrings

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Fede Plate

This summer I watched my home burn. From my porch in Montana I sat with my toddler, digging potatoes and looking for fantastical creatures in the plumes of smoke. Thrilling flames rush skyward, engulfing quaking aspen tress and lodgepole pine on the neighboring mountains that I have explored since my youth. Through this wildfire season I designed a collection of jewelry that is strong, yet mercurial inspired by the smoke.

The flat and bold Fede Plate Earrings are reminiscent of Mexican Modernist design. They are showy but feel perfect with blue jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes simple is the strongest. The Fede earring series is named for the Renaissance painter Fede Galizia who is believed to be the first artist to date her work alluding to authorship and the ability to manifest self-worth.

    • Post with friction back
    • Measures 2.25" H x 1.75" W


    Ariana's solid sterling silver and brass jewelry is inspired by the ancient and reimagined for modern life. Each design is born from a sense of wanderlust, a yearning for far away times and places. 

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