• bkr Spiked Swiss Bank 1L

bkr Spiked Swiss Bank 1L

The bkr is a beautiful, luxe soda-lime glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve cover.

  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved materials
  • 1L 
  • Honey’s more bounce to the ounce, walks around with lucci in large amounts.

    Inspired by the woman who leaves the room and makes the room feel like all the art left with her, a futuristic helmet tucked under her arm where a clutch would normally be, NASA-worthy metallic eyeshadow smeared perfectly messily, a galaxy-lavender spacesuit, the perfect sparkly watch and everything gilded, reflective, transforming, luxurious, space-age, starstruck and rich.

    *Opaque brushed platinum cha-ching.

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