Burel 0 Kcal Spring Bag Grey

Portugese Spring Beauty.

 Burel brought Spring to the iconic 0Kcal handbag with the application of hand-embroidered flowers and leaves on one side in a special and limited edition.

Geometric suitcase, handmade from a single seam and with a zip closure that allows it to be flattened to take up little space and spring on one side.

Size: 30cm x 27cm x 12cm

Quality: Burel, 100% Pure Sheep Wool

Design by: Daniel Vieira 

A "find" from my travels to Portugal this year. If ever in Portugal, a stay at the Casa Das Penhas Douradas is a must. 

Made in an ancestral loom and finished by hand. A  milestone in the Portuguese wool industry, made from 100% pure wool of Serra da Estrela.

Mantecas began to be the brand of the Burel Mountain Originals Blankets but the time make it evolved into complementary decorative cushion covers and pure wool scarves, made in the same ancestral looms.

Today it is a brand and reference in Portuguese blankets, for its quality, colours, patterns and contemporary design.

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