CADDIS Andy Davis Secrets Origami Case

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Name: Andy Davis; Nick name: Floyd (self given, might change permanently); Male. Human, although I reckon part muppet. (hence the nickname choice); Age: 51; Current Dwellings: Encinitas and Carlsbad regions; Occupation: maker of drawings and paintings; Stance: goofy; Favorite foods: at the present, Darshan bakery, Prager Bros, Rudy’s burritos, Lazy Acres poke bowls, Privateer Pizza margarita kine, Local Greens Solana, New Greens wonder drink; Current musicas: so many. Here’s a few on steady repeat as of late.; Witch, Dry Cleaning, De La Soul, Jackie Mittoo, Peel Dream Magazine, Steely Dan, Augustus Pablo, friend’s Spotify mixes. Way too many.; Surfers I’ve been loving lately: Burch, Ozzy, Andy Nieblas, Justin Adams, Asher Pacey, Mikey Feb, Mason, Steph, tan guys (Derrick Disney, Zack Flores, Kobe Hughes); Dream sesh: long, long lefts. Waist to a little over head and warm. Just me and a small crew, they know who they are. Very long overdue and much needed. Waiting patiently....; Mahaloarigato: Mum, Monk, Joe. Scwendo, coach, hog o, Tom.....Sun Bum fam....all the unselfish humans who are giving and loving. Thanks Caddis for helping me see the light ....

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