Caddis Graffiti Moon Mirror Origami Glasses Case

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Cool case to stash your CADDIS readers and Sunnies!

Alana Stonaker Moon Mirror Case.

Elena Stonaker is a Los Angeles based multi-media artist working in interactive textile installation, painting, sculpture, design, video, and participatory audience experiences. Her work explores her deep interest in the crossover space between art and a wide spectrum of healing modalities and global mythologies. Stonaker creates hyper-feminine surreal worlds based on archetypal visual language, using softness, beauty, comfort and humor to create a safe space to explore shadow and discomfort. Stonaker has exhibited in galleries, fairs and museums and had work published internationally. Most notable was her large-scale interactive installation in Tasmania’s renowned Museum of Old and New Art as a featured artist in the exhibition, Eat the Problem. The work on the Caddis cases are a collage of paintings and ceramic pieces created for her Mexico City solo show, “Things that Bloom in the Dark.”

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