• CATHs Large Oval and Round Horn Necklace

CATHs Large Oval and Round Horn Necklace


This necklace adds a bit of drama to any outfit.

Large light colored oval horn with dark round horn form this beautiful necklace. Adjustable length with horn tabs at ends of cord.

CATHs: Designed in Belgium. Handcrafted in India. 

Jewelry made of natural, biodegradable and durable materials: bone, horn, wood shell and brass. for ages in many cultures they symbolized power. Used in amulets for good fortune they accompanied many powerful warriors and shamans. Horn and bone come from the domestic water buffalo used as livestock in asia. The wood and the shells used are not endangered, but they are full of good energy. Beauty lies in those small imperfections of nature. Hates water and perfume. Do not drop, it might break.


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