LinenCasa Stonewashed Napkin Light Natural with Dot Hemstitch

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Luxury Linen Napkins

Specializing in luxury linens, Tanya & Marco are the people behind the luxury linen company - LinenCasa. They are passionate about what they do and it shows. Their stonewashed linens are meant to last a lifetime.

  • Linen is more durable than regular cotton. It will never fall apart and will serve you a lifetime.
  • Linen absorbs better than regular cotton. It also won’t feel as damp.
  • Linen dries faster than regular cotton.
  • Linen is lint-free, making it perfect to wipe glassware!
  • Linen is naturally anti-bacterial. It won’t have that moldy smell like some regular cotton towels do after they’ve been used for a while.


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