Custom Vintage Army M1 Jacket

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Rank & Sugar...Vintage with a Twist!

"big girls need big diamonds"

One-of-a-kind. Vintage Army M51 Jacket embellished with embroirdered sayings, patches and hand stamped dog tag.

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Authentic vintage one-of-a-kind M51 jacket. Completely refurbished & restrung with paracord for an adjustable waist. Hand embroidered message "dreamer of dreams on the back". Custom zippers under the pocket flap for the option of removeable Leopard print rabbit fur pockets. Also has buttons under the collar for the option of an added custom collar (additional). Each M51 comes with a Rank & Sugar dog tag that has been hand stamped on an original WWII press by a Vietnam Veteran. These jackets have survived many battles and we view their war wounds as perfectly imperfect. While they're rugged, please handle with care. Always remove pockets, collars, and extras before washing in cold water and hang to dry.

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