Geraldina Bangle with Rough Cut Diamonds

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Geraldina, the founder and leader of Geraldina Jewelry, presents a stunning selection of jewelry.

Her commitment to designing handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces are great for everyday wear and have a classic look that reflects a slightly ethnic flair.  From simple elegance to elaborate multi-strand pieces, you can always expect the most interesting aspect designs from Geraldina Jewelry.

Traveling the globe and finding naturally occurring rare and semi-precious stones, only the best is used in making her jewelry distinctive. She seeks out antique coins, distressed leather, vintage medals and religious icons that result in truly exceptional jewelry. Italy, Guatemala, Nepal and Thailand are a few countries that Geraldina visits in search of the authenticity and individuality that her clients demand.

After twenty years in the fashion industry, with experience in modeling, merchandising, clothing design, buying and selling, the collection represents all the important elements needed to inspire and enhance the elegance inside every woman.

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