Heather Benjamin Turquoise Cufflinks

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Handmade, one of a kind turquoise cufflinks from designer Heather Benjamin bring social responsibility to fashion. What else could you ask for?

Sterling with 22kt vermeil, these turquoise cufflinks make a stunning gift for the fashionable male in your life. Vermeil is known for its long lifespan, making it ideal for cufflinks, an area that receives 

Vermeil is known for its long lifespan and higher durability than gold. It's an ideal choice for cufflinks since the wrist is a high wear-and-tear area. 

How to care for your cufflinks:

  • Always apply cologne, perfumes, or other sprayed substances before putting on any jewelry and to remove your vermeil jewelry before bathing.

  • We recommend storing your cufflinks in an air-tight container when not in use.

  • Chlorine can discolor vermeil so never wear your cufflinks into a pool, hot tub, or while bleaching.

  • To clean, buff gently with a soft, dry cotton cloth.

  • Vermeil naturally tarnishes over time. It's part of its charm. 


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