Hercinia Coda Scarf

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Bethany Salisbury Art | Hercinia Coda

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Art by Bethany Salisbury Styer digitally mastered and printed on 90% Modal 10% Cashmere with rolled edges. Measures 140x140.

100% of profit goes to the artist who is pursuing her Masters in Fine Art. 

Suicide Prevention awareness

From the artist:

This year a special friend of mine’s sister (also an acquaintance of mine I wish I had known better outside of book club), died by suicide. Her sister honored me by asking to commission a piece in the vein of my mental health animal icons paintings, featuring some of the brain chemicals, animal symbolism, and also the book tattoo with alphabet monogram she had on her arm.

While it’s hard to say why this all happened, I knew we shared PCOS and the mood disruption and suicidal ideation and despair it can cause. I made it out. Not everyone does. I wanted to use symbols related to the hormonal imbalances as well as a special animal. I chose the Hercinia, a mythical bird from late antiquity said to glow and guide the way for lost souls in the dark European and Asian forests. Presented as a barn owl, as historians believe the glowing eyes of owls may have birthed these tales.

It meant so much to be asked to do this, I know nothing can bring solace for the loss of a beautiful, unique soul.

But maybe sharing these stories can do something one day. Hormonal disorders like PCOS are not just physical. Reach out to your friends always. Get help when you need it. Be kind to everyone.

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