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Embroidered T... 

Try to let them down easy, it's not their fault you've fallen in love with us instead.

This crewneck cutoff tank with embroidery neckline detail is sassy and sweet, just like you. We make the perfect couple, don't you think?

Benefitting Community Service Programs. Huntington Beach Youth Shelter.

About Project Social T: Every year they select four outstanding charities to partner with from across the U.S. Each quarter, they spend time getting to know the charities, their volunteers, and their mission individually, and they are able give a monthly donation of $5k to ensure they can continue their incredible work. But do you know what can be more helpful than funding? Awareness. By realizing that half the battle that charities face is not having enough awareness surrounding their cause and their efforts. To help spread the word of small, yet mighty organizations, Project Social T has designed custom hang tags on each garment that inform you about our current charity partner. This way, you’ll know you’re buying more than just a tee, you’re improving the lives of others. 

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