LESSE Awakening Eye Cream

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Brightening Prickly Pear & Reparative Baobab

A high performance 3-in-1 formula to soothe swelling, brighten under eye circles, and minimize fine lines. Clinically tested for sensitive skin.


Sensitive, aging or dehydrated skin

Made in the USA | 0.5fl oz e 15ml


Instantly soothes swelling

  • Brightens dark circles
  • Increases collagen production
  • Promotes elasticity
  • Deeply hydrates and fortifies



    LESSE is a new way of thinking about organic skin care. A simplified ritual of uncompromising, efficacious essentials. Rigorously researched, meticulously formulated and thoughtfully packaged — for optimal impact on your skin and minimal impact on our planet.

    A discerning edit of only the essential—supportive products made from efficacious and uncompromising ingredients, to elevate skin and one's everyday rituals. A way to reduce consumption, clutter; and clear the way for a slower and more intentional approach to beauty.

    From the founder:

    As our skin stops naturally exfoliating, this process becomes essential for us to maintain. I was looking for a gentle physical exfoliant for my sensitive skin, which always reacted to acids. In this formulation, we have developed a thick and replenishing base of aloe vera and charcoal to soften the ultra-fine exfoliation that so aptly decongests and smooths skin. This has been life changing for my skin, and I can't wait for you to experience the results.



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