• Love and Flowers double medallion drop earring found at Patricia in Southern Pines, NC

Love And Flowers Double Medallion Drop Earring

Denim to cocktail ™

The Double Medallion Drop is the epitome of easy. Very lightweight. Great for the daily rotation.

18k plated over solid brass. Wipe with cloth and best to store in airtight container.


From the designer:

I developed a love of personal style and interesting things early on. Houses, art, jewelry, places, people. Jewelry is especially fascinating as a pair of earrings can change ones mood as well as their outfit. From fine estate jewelry to 70s chic to hip and modern—it all speaks to me. Jewelry is a way we communicate. We can define ourselves for the day or create our history in photos.

I don't know about you, but my life doesn’t offer a lot of time to fuss, so it’s important for my pieces to be versatile. Denim to cocktail ™ , I call it.

Please enjoy.

Love and Flowers,


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