Lumira Candle in Tropical Gardenia

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Tropical Gardenia is an exquisite aroma of gardenia with a top note of sweet and green and a floral body that's intense and rich.

This candle does justice to the natural aroma found in the equally beautiful flower.

Fragrance notes:

Top: soft spice, fresh lemon

Middle: double-blooming gardenia, tuberose flowers, white freesia

Base: white musk, sheer amber

Gold Travel Tin:


Pack a little piece of home no matter where your travels take you. Infused with delicious fragrance oils, this luxurious gold travel tin is a must-have in your luggage. Designed to add a sense of comfort and luxury, it's perfect for any space you encounter on your travels. 

Destination Size:



To ensure an even and smoke-free burn, trim the wick to a length of 5mm before each lighting.

Candles should never be left burning unattended. Discontinue use when 10mm of wax remains.

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