Melissa McArthur Grey Freshwater Pearl Neck Collar

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Asymmetric Pearl Neck Collar

Melissa McArthur: “Precious, Refined, Modern, Different, Exciting and Ultimately Feminine.”

This light and airy necklace features two grey freshwater pearls on a wire choker. The wire is Sterling Silver. Experiment and wear it in asymmetric positions.

A central element of the MM philosophy is a desire for simplicity which is made special by her attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship and quality control. Her inspiration: architecture, modernist design, furniture, Art, and many periods of fashion and travel. Melissa loves to dissect her favourite architecture, finding fluid lines which play with positive and negative space which are then applied to the female form. The designed, man-made lines accentuate the accidental beauty of the natural gems and pearls which she finds on her travels.


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