Nate Cotterman Flow Decanter - Hemi

The Hemi

Flow Decanter 10.5"

The Flow Decanters combine traditional function with modern aesthetics. Designed to enhance the taste, smell and look of your favorite wine.

Made in North Carolina.

Nate Cotterman is known for his modern interpretation of glass objects, using traditional Venetian glass blowing techniques, he challenges low-end production with innovative design and handmade quality. Nate Cotterman has created a line of bar ware, lighting, & home décor that is both subtle and powerful. His simple forms highlight the natural beauty of the material. 

Nate is currently an Artist in Residence at Penland School of Crafts. He will live and work in Penland North Carolina from Sept 2018-2021, building his own hot shop and growing his business alongside some of the craft world’s most talented makers.

$ 170.00