Peter O. Mahler White Short Papercrash Popover Top

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A Modern Classic

Add timeless style and luxury to your wardrobe with the Peter O. Mahler Sky Blue Short Papercrash Popover Top. Tailored with a sophisticated stand up neck, this popover top is as comfortable as it is eye-catching. It's perfect for both everyday outfits and special occasions, imbuing them with an elegant touch.  Also available in sky blue and black and silver.

  • Crash papertouch fabric
  • Made in Germany
  • Hand wash, hang to dry
  • Size  P(XS), 1(S), 2(M)

German fashion designer Peter O. Mahler stands for a minimalist and purist style. With a great eye for rich fabrics and cutting edge designs, his collections are simultaneously edgy and comfort driven. The exacting darts and subtle finishes is what makes his designs so extraordinary. His purist aesthetic is mixed with unusual cuts and high quality tailoring, giving his garments an understated avant-garde look that works for business, travel or leisure.

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