POJ Studio Bamboo Chopsticks - Zumendake

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Zumendake Bamboo Chopsticks

"Zumendake" (Blueprint Bamboo) have black spots on them that happen naturally when the material is exposed to more moisture than it needs. 23cm in length.

Handcrafted bamboo chopsticks made of Kyoto bamboo. This classic shape is not only timeless and simple, it is also light, precise and slip proof. You won't be able to go back to any other chopsticks once you've tried these.

About POJ :

The Japanese way of keeping in harmony with the seasons and the local environment will always be at our core. That’s why Pieces of Japan is committed to prioritizing the sustainability of craftsmen and the natural resources that support them.

We believe that in sharing beautiful, durable, handmade products that last for generations, we can take steps away from our current throwaway culture to create meaningful connections with the things we own.

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