Sabina Savage "Honouring Argos" Silk Trousers

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Honouring Argos

These Loose Lounge Trousers are made from sand-washed silk crepe Marocain. This flattering silk has a thick and buttery feel with a dusky, matte finish.  They feature an elasticated, mid-rise waistband and side pockets, and are French seamed throughout. The cut is wide and casual with a slightly cropped hem.

This design is based around ancient Greek art, pottery, poetry and literature. The print features a design of beaten silver, inspired by an antique Greek wreath crown. At the hem sit a set of terracotta rabbit vases, and Odysseus’ garden of Ithaca is invoked by the delicate snowdrops, a favourite of the Greek gods. The trousers are bordered by a pattern inspired by the vase painters of ancient Greece, along with metal and alabaster plaques inspired by the Minoan Aegina Treasure.

  • 100% silk trousers  
  • Marine/Apricot
  • Size XS & S

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