VITAL Repair


Our VITAL Repair is wonderfully restorative for rough, dry or cracked skin. Works wonders on feet, hands, elbows or any place that needs a little TLC.

What is VITAL Repair:

VITAL Repair is a highly concentrated prescription for relief and the healing of dry, cracked, and stressed skin.

Who is it for:

All ages and skin types can benefit from Repair.

What makes VITAL Repair different:

Antiseptic rosemary and eucalyptus oils purify, while anti-inflammatory castor oil reduces redness and soothes damaged skin.

Our rich concentration of coconut oil replenishes natural oils and delivers antioxidants to promote healing.

North American beeswax is a natural emollient that delivers a protective layer for further healing.

How to use:

Apply liberally to dry chapped skin as often as needed.


Coconut Oil | Deep Penetrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Soothing, Regenerating

Castor Oil | Deep Cleansing, Skin-Protecting, Anti-Acne, Anti-Inflammatory

Rosemary | Anti-Bacterial, Skin-Healing, Anti-Septic, Anti-Acne, Toning

Eucalyptus | Healing, Mental Stimulant, Stress Relieving, Anti-Acne

Beeswax | Protectant, Emollient, Healing, Anti-Irritant

Bayberry Wax | Protective, Soothing

Carnauba Wax | Moisturizing, Protective

We are proud to say that all VITAL products are made here in North Carolina using only Natural and/or Organic ingredients. No Animal Testing.

What our customers are saying about VITAL Repair:

"The Repair felt good being applied to my feet and elbows. It was as if my skin was drinking it. Love the way it made them feel and I love the fragrance."

Kayleigh C., Pinehurst, NC

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